A recovery coach takes actions necessary to help an individuals in remaining free from drugs, alcohol addiction.

  • Recovery Coaches often support a client through life’s difficult emotional ups and downs.
  • Help the client to find meetings.
  • Hold the client accountable to a detailed relapse and prevention plan.
  • Encourage the client to find and utilize a sponsor.
  • Encourage the client to build a healthy sober social circle.
  • Encourage the client with on going recovery based day to day simple actions.
  • Encourage the client to practice daily this new way of thinking and living.
  • Sober Coach/Sober Companion 24/7 Personal one on one Recovery.
  • When you need or want to travel and staying sober is a Priority.
  • When Keeping your Job is super important and you just cant risk losing it.
  • When you want and Need someone to keep you accountable to staying clean and sober.
  • When you just know you need that extra encouragement to make the transition into recovery !


No Amount of drugs or drinking on Earth can make life Meaningful.

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